About me

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem (In the Name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful)

I’m Muslim, a woman, a Sri Lankan, a writer of all manner of wonderful things and sometimes I can be funny.

I want to make you laugh till your nose bleeds. My heart yearns for stories told with authenticity and vulnerability. I’m afraid to grow old and I’m afraid to die without having made someone’s life – anyone’s life – better for my having lived. But these fears have become old friends now.

I used to write so that others would know me. Now I write to know myself and God’s creations. Writing has become an Ibadah (an act of worship) – what’s your act of worship?

I’m here to tell a story. Mine, yours, ours – only God knows what lies ahead. Let’s see where this road takes us.

I’m also here to share what little I know to make the road a little easier for those coming after me.

Insha Allah!


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